We never lose by doing good

Secrets of Happiness


I think most people face dilemma of wanting to do good, but not being sure if the person they help will truly benefit from that or not.

For example, helping homeless people.

It becomes normal to see them begging on the streets. Many of us pass them by, thinking “They are just beggars. He will probably use the money I give him on drugs or alcohol’. Judgement and unbelief overshadows all the good that can be shared by us instead. Our stereotypes steal an opportunity to show true kindness.

The truth is, every person, no matter what his background is or was, is someone’s son or daughter or a parent out there. Every single person went through struggles to end up living on the streets. Every single person is loved by God, no matter how wealthy or poor he is, how fortunate or less fortunate he might be.

Every beggar…

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